What Is Mobile Banking? | Chime

Getting started with mobile banking is easy. Simply head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to find your bank’s mobile app. If you have a specific mobile banking app in mind, you might open a new account with the institution that offers it first. 

If you already use online banking, you should be able to log into your accounts with your same username and password. As mentioned, you might also set up multi-factor authentication, Face ID, or fingerprint ID as an added layer of mobile banking security

Once you’ve logged in, you can use the app to manage your accounts. You might start with an overview of your accounts, reviewing the balance in your checking and savings accounts. Some apps also let you turn on notifications about your balance, so you’ll know when it increases or decreases.  

You can also use mobile banking to deposit checks. To get started, you’ll endorse your check (some banks also ask you to write “for remote deposit” or something similar below your signature). Then, you’ll open the deposit checks section of the app and take a photograph of the front and back of your check. 

Some mobile banking activities, such as transfers between accounts, may process instantly, whereas others, such as mobile check deposits, may take a day or two. Make sure to save any checks or other paperwork until the deposit has gone through in case of any delays.

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