They ARE Going to Try to Carry Out a Formalized Program of Racial Wealth Redistribution in Your Lifetime – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

These so-called “reparations” have, of course, already been paid many times over through the various forms of government assistance which are already disproportionately received by blacks and primarily paid for by Whites. The idea that “reparations” are yet to be paid is just another layer of demoralization against White Americans.

Conservatives—who love to virtue signal their love for MLK as some icon of their “colorblind” fantasy—will see this clip of MLK openly declaring his support for reparations, and they will do nothing but splutter and cope as they find themselves unable to dare and say that MLK was wrong.

These simpering losers don’t have it in them to simply say “blacks don’t deserve reparations, we owe you nothing, end of discussion.” 

The only appropriate responses to calls for “reparations”:

-No, never.

-You don’t deserve them.

-You already got them, anyway.

No other response is acceptable. 

Trying to “own them with logic” is unacceptable, because to do so is to treat “reparations” as a serious idea worthy of being entertained.

The only “argument” that should be had with these people should be the tearing down of the narrative of White “victimization” of blacks.

 Not over the terms of what we “owe” them for that fake victimhood.

This is another perfectly good litmus test. 

ANY response to reparations proposals other than an emphatic, unequivocal “no” will tell you whose side a person is really on, and is everything you need to know about them.

Of course, the cowards in the cuckservative movement will make some sort of “compromise” on reparations in the end, and that’s the final nail in the coffin for Amerika as we know it. 

In the long run, that will be a good thing.

 Just pay really close attention to who cracks and goes along with it.

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