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Wooden box with seedlings under a plastic lid

For the home chef: Planter and seeds 

The cost-conscious cook in your life will appreciate the opportunity to have fresh herbs and greens while steering clear of the increasing food prices we’ve been seeing at grocers—and the feeling of accomplishment they’ll get from growing their own food is the gift that keeps on giving. We love that this planter is Canadian-made, it’s easy to use (the instructions promise no green thumbs required), it looks good near a window (even in a tiny condo), it’s affordable (under $40) and it includes four seeds of each: basil, arugula, lettuce and kale, as well as two bottles of plant nutrients. But, you can also add on other seeds, like for cucumber and strawberries. Just Vertical Seedling Kit, $39.99; four-pack of seeds, from $5.99.Lisa Hannam

Luggage-style backpack opened to show two stacks of clothes

For the traveller: Luggage backpack 

Perfect for the avid traveller on your list, this carry-on bag includes a laptop sleeve and a large main compartment that opens like a suitcase. It has plenty of space for clothes, gadgets and personal care items. Plus, it’s compliant with the maximum overhead and under-seat baggage size requirements for Air Canada and other airlines, so your friend or family member can save on checked baggage fees. Choose from five colours. Hynes Eagle Weekender Carry-On Backpack, $72.99.—Margaret Montgomery

Sparkling water maker on a kitchen counter top

For your picky partner: Sparkling-water maker

We all know someone who, when given the choice, opts for sparkling water over still. A sparkling-water maker, such as SodaStream’s new Art model, can make the choice even easier for the right recipient. With its stylish new design and dishwasher-safe bottle, this machine helps eliminate the waste and costs that come with regularly buying bottled sparkling water. Also available: a wide selection of tasty flavour packs, like Pepsi and bubly. SodaStream Art starter pack, $169.99; flavours from $6.99.Justin Dallaire

A flat, rectangular device with a large screen displaying text

For the book clubber: E-reader 

Though an e-reader costs a bit of money up front, it saves space and money in the long run. Digital books are often much cheaper than print copies, plus your loved one can borrow e-books from the public library. The newest Kindle model has an upgraded high-resolution display, 16 GB of storage capacity, longer battery life and a new dark mode for easy reading indoors and outdoors and at bedtime. Amazon Kindle, $129.99.—Nolawie Getu

French press coffee maker made of glass and plastic

For the coffee lover: French press

It may be a budgeting cliché to save money on a daily coffee, but for some it works! As food prices continue to rise, we might be spending even more on coffee next year. A great resolution is to invest in a simple and elegant French press. Coffee machines like Keurig and Nespresso are convenient, but using a French press is far cheaper and less wasteful than buying coffee pods—plus your loved one will have more control over how their morning brew tastes. Master Chef 8-cup French press, $19.99.Jessica Lopez

Plastic fabric shaving device with Conair logo

For a thrifty or eco-conscious friend: Fabric shaver 

With this inexpensive gadget, your gift recipient can revive their favourite T-shirts and sweaters and make them look fresh and new again. This rechargeable model from Conair has an easy-grip handle and extra-large shaving head to make quick work of lint, fuzz and pilling, and it’s adjustable for different fabrics. Makes an excellent stocking stuffer… and then you can defuzz the stocking, too. Conair Extreme Fabric Defuzzer, $24.98.—Jaclyn Law

Plastic ATM toy with number keypad and screen

For your niece or nephew: Electronic ATM toy

If you’re shopping for kids and want to teach them about money, don’t get a piggy bank. Instead, buy an electronic ATM. The Dr. STEM Talking ATM isn’t as small as Mr. Piggy, but it has a cool design that mimics the real ATM experience. The toy is completely functional—you can deposit money, and the digital screen shows a balance. The ATM has a working number pad, and it even includes a mini debit card. Kids aged six or older will have fun and learn about banking and saving money. Ben Franklin Toys Dr. STEM Talking ATM, $68.85.—Jessica Lopez

Small rectangular device with the Ledger logo

For the bitcoin enthusiast: Crypto hard wallet

A great gift for the cryptocurrency enthusiast in your life, the Ledger Nano S Plus hard wallet holds up to 100 apps and supports over 5,500 tokens, plus it’s NFT– and DeFi-friendly. Available in five colours. If your gift recipient has been really good this year, you could upgrade to the Bluetooth-enabled Ledger Nano X ($209 including HST). Ledger Nano S Plus, $114 (HST included).Jaclyn Law

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