The Internet’s Opinions on Jury Ruling That Trump Sexually Abused and Defamed E. Jean Carrol

While in office, former President Donald J. Trump was accused of assault by journalist E. Jean Carrol. She claimed he attacked her in a dressing room in a New York City department store in 1996. Trump denied the accusations at the time.

However, Carroll pursued the claim once Trump left office, suing the former president for defamation and battery.

President Donald Trump Found Liable For Defamation and Battery

President Donald J. Trump journalist E. Jean Carrol accused him of sexual assault when he attacked her in a dressing room at a New York department store in 1996. In typical Trump fashion, he denied her accusations, publicly claiming her accusations were lies. Carrol subsequently sued Trump for defamation and battery, and the civil case results came to light on May 9, 2023.

The jury concluded that Trump is liable for both defamation and sexual abuse. Trump must now pay a penalty of $5 million in damages. As Americans learn about the jury’s verdict, many people scramble onto the internet to share their opinions on the ruling.

Many Americans Feel Relief

After the court announced the verdict, many people shared relief online, like one Twitter user who writes, “Finally, justice is catching up with Donald Trump. And this is just the beginning.” Others felt even more satisfied that the verdict came from a jury of Trump’s peers rather than a potentially biased judge.

Some Still Believe Trump Is Innocent

On the other side of the coin, Trump supporters continue to vocalize their belief that Trump is innocent and should never have been found liable in this case.

Comedian Terrence K. William thinks Trump was only found guilty because Democrats want to prevent him from becoming president again. He asserts, “If they cared about victims, they would help Biden’s accuser Tara Reade.”

Someone even wonders why Carrol waited so long to sue Trump, claiming, “After all those years, it’s so unbelievable that they dragged it so far.”

The Punishment Does Not Fit the Crime

Many people who oppose Trump argue that the $5 million in damages Trump must pay Carrol is nowhere near enough punishment for his actions. One user writes, “My first thought was, ‘That’s it?’ It’s basically a fine, like when billion-dollar corporations destroy the environment and are slapped with a pennies on the dollar fine. I am glad he lost, but I was expecting more, I guess.”

People Are Cracking Jokes

Yet those who support the business executive turned politician went online to joke about the case. One online profile shares a meme with an image of Trump holding a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat in each hand and wearing one on his head as he’s posed in front of a blue-sky background. The text on the image reads, “Guilty!! Of being awesome.”

Many Thank E. Jean Carrol

Supporters of Carrol are enthused about the results of the civil case, with many sharing their thanks online. One particularly heartfelt Tweet says, “E. Jean Carroll is a hero. She stood up to Donald Trump and never waivered in her pursuit of justice. This is the definition of courage and bravery. Thank you, E. Jean.”

Trump’s Opinion on the Matter

As anyone who uses the internet knows, Trump loves to use social media to share his opinions. His thoughts on the results of the case were no exception. In a social media post from May 9, he wrote in all caps, “I have absolutely no idea who this woman is. This verdict is a disgrace – a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time!”

What do you think about the jury’s verdict?

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