Some Clover merchants suffering ‘intermittent issues’ | PaymentsSource

Some users of Fiserv’s Clover point of sale system suffered issues accepting payments on Friday, a glitch the company was addressing during the afternoon. 

A push notification from Kenko Sushi in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, for example, told take-out customers that its Clover system was down and instructed consumers to place orders in person. 

In an email, a spokesperson for Fiserv said “Clover payment authorizations are processing normally. However, some clients that access Clover via custom configurations or using certain applications are reporting intermittent issues. We have identified the cause and are addressing it as quickly as possible.”

Clover, which supports digital payments and links to other merchant services, has been a solid performer for Fiserv, contributing more than 40% of Fiserv’s revenue, with a 14% yearly growth rate. For Fiserv, which offers a mix of bank technology and merchant technology, Clover is central to its ability to compete with fintechs like Block and Stripe. 

Fiserv obtained Clover when it acquired First Data in 2019. Clover was the centerpiece of First Data’s transformation from a hardware based payment processor to more of a technology provider. Clover helped First Data push into international markets, reach larger merchants and expand its footprint in restaurants. 

As part of Fiserv, Clover was the center of a partnership with Synchrony to extend point of sale financing, and the system’s ability to quickly add digital services helped Fiserv report solid earnings in the early stages of the pandemic.  

Fiserv has also acquired payment processor Pineapple Payments to boost Clover’s distribution and inked a similar distribution deal with PayPal and Venmo

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