Instant Life Insurance Quotes With No Exams In (May, 2023)

I know you’re probably tiered of all the websites that promise to give you no exam life insurance.

However, when it’s time to apply for your “instant coverage” you usually end up going through an endless cycle of phone calls.

Most of these calls will have you filling out a ton of forms and usually no fast coverage.

instant life insurance

But what if I told you that buying life coverage online instantly is very real and that you can get fast life insurance quotes online. 

Today we will cover the average cost of instant life insurance, what an instant life policy is, where to find the best instant life insurance companies, how the same day life insurance application process works and more.

How Much Does Instant Life Insurance Cost? 

The average cost of an instant no medical exam life insurance policy is about $65.00 per month and the average coverage amount purchased is around $500,000 for a 20 year term.

Where Can I Get A Fast Life Insurance Quote? 

In just 3 quick and easy steps, you can get fast and anonymous life insurance quotes to your right.

However, your specific rates are going to be determined based on your policy needs.

For example:

If I purchased a $500,000 – 20 Year No Exam Term Policy as a non-tobacco male at 37 years of age my rate would be just $31.42 per month.