Increase Your iPhone Battery Life With This Simple Hack

Tired of worrying about iPhone’s battery life? AppleDsign, a YouTube channel with over 62.4K subscribers, talks about a common mistake most Apple owners make.

What Happened: AppleDsign shared a video on YouTube saying that Apple users should “avoid charging their phones to 100%.”

The ideal level should be between 20% to 90% — and there’s a simple hack that could help users do so.

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Just follow these steps: 

Step I: Go to Shortcuts app and head over to Automation. Click to create Personal Automation. 

Step II: Scroll down and go to Battery Level. Bring the slider up to 85% to 90% and click on next. 

Step III: Press Add Action and select speak-to-text. 

Step IV: Click the text field and type anything you want as a warning phrase.  

Step V: Press the little blue icon next to the text to select your desired voice. 

Step VI: Click Done at the bottom right. 

Step VII: To finish, press next, toggle off Ask Before Running and hit done. 

Step VIII: Now go through the same steps, but at the battery level, select falls before 20% and change the voice warning. 

Watch the aforementioned steps in action here: 

At the time of writing, the video had been viewed more than one million times. 

Why It’s Important: According to Apple and many others, users should keep their iPhone battery level between 30% to 80%. Consistently topping up to 100% isn’t optimal. While it may not necessarily damage battery health, regularly running down to 0% could prematurely lead to a battery’s demise, reported Macworld. 

Apple also advises users to avoid exposing their device to ambient temperatures higher than 35° C or 95° F as it can “permanently damage battery capacity.”

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