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How you can get 5% p.a. guaranteed* for 4 months

Is moomoo SG’s latest “5%* p.a. guaranteed” offer legitimate? How is it possible that they are able to guarantee returns on an investment product, even if it is a low-risk one? I review it in this article to help you guys see whether this is safe and worth your time.

Some of you may have already seen it by now – the unbelievably compelling “5% p.a. guaranteed returns for 4 months” moomoo SG advertisement banner that has been making its way around the Internet.

Sidenote: moomoo SG uses the exact term “return rewards”, which essentially refer to the same thing i.e. the returns you can get.

At first glance, it sounds dubious indeed. After all, how can anyone guarantee a 5%* p.a. return? How are they doing it? And more importantly, what’s the catch if you join?

I had the same concerns, so I checked in with the moomoo SG team (which culminated in this article to address all of your questions about the offer).

Disclosure: The article contents below are written in collaboration with moomoo SG, to ensure an accurate representation and breakdown of their product is provided.

How to score 5% p.a. return rewards for the next 4 months

For those who are unaware, moomoo SG is now promising a “5% p.a. guaranteed return rewards for 4 months” for new users which starts this month (Nov 2022).

All you need to do is to:

  • Sign up for a moomooSG universal account
  • Deposit >S$100 before 16 November
  • Move your funds on 17 November into moomoo Cash Plus (you can select from any of the 2 participating funds there)
Important note: you will have to click on the right campaign tab to be entitled to the 5% p.a. return rewards. Do NOT invest in moomoo Cash Plus directly as that will not entitle you to the returns.

If this is your first time hearing about moomoo Cash Plus, you can check out this article where I explain how it works, and what / where your money is being invested into. For this campaign, you can choose either the Fullerton SGD fund or the CSOP USD fund.

Or, if you’re already familiar with how cash management products work but you’re skeptical on how they fare vs. your other options like the Singapore Savings Bonds or MAS T-bills, you can also read my comparison article here.

The catch is, you’ll have to deposit before 16 November 2022 AND be among the first 3,000 users to do so. 

There are only 700+ places left (at time of publishing) so the good news is that if you’re reading this article early enough, there’s a good chance you can make it in time.

The 4 months reward period start from 17 November 2022 onwards, and will end on 17 March 2023.

How much can I earn?

You are allowed to deposit anywhere between S$100 – S$10,000 into the participating funds within moomoo Cash Plus during the promotion period to take advantage of the 5%* p.a. return.

The 5%* p.a. return rewards is guaranteed by moomoo SG, which means that regardless of the fund performance during the 120 days, moomoo SG will step up to pay out the yield difference so you as a user will still get the full 5% p.a.

This is even higher than all other capital-guaranteed tools in the market (see here) right now, so if you wanted to take full advantage of it, depositing the maximum allowable amount of S$10,000 will give you S$164:

Your maximum profits = $10,000 x [(5% divided by 365 days) x 120 days]= S$164.38

(Per annum = 365 days; 1 month = 30 days)

Rewards will be accounted for on a daily basis until 17 March 2023 or until whenever you decide to fully redeem your money from the participating funds in moomoo Cash Plus, whichever is earlier.

Remember, you still have liquidity control when your funds are here, which means you can redeem / take out your funds for other usage as and when you need to.

Do I need to do anything when this ends on 17 March 2023?

No, when the promotion period ends, it is up to you whether you wish to continue letting your funds work for you in the participating funds for moomoo Cash Plus, or to redeem and take them out.

There will be no automatic redemption for you (except in the rare event that the underlying fund has a negative 7-day annualized yield).

Should you choose to leave them as it is, you will continue to enjoy the original income payouts of the fund.Read this again for a recap on what that will mean.

What if I’m already an existing user?

This was my question to the moomoo SG team, as I’ve already been a long-time user of their app since their launch in early 2021 (see proof here) and hence won’t be eligible for a “new user” offer.

However, while existing users won’t be automatically entitled to the 5% p.a. (annualized) return rewards, we can still earn our way towards it by referring a friend. And this is where I’m going to teach you a hack that no one else knows about yet!

  • Refer 1 friend between now – 16 Nov
  • Refer (up to 6) friends between 17 Nov – 31 Dec

Doing so will thus earn you the 5% rewards for the maximum allowable total of 240 days!

For existing users, simply refer a friend to score the boosted 5% p.a. rewards.

Even if your friend simply signs up for an account but does not deposit $100 or more, you will still be eligible for the rewards.

But of course, once you’ve explained how the 5%* p.a. guaranteed return rewards work, your savvy friend will most likely want to deposit and claim it for themselves as well.

Here’s the profit calculation table (provided by moomoo SG):

Note: for existing users, you can stretch your last day for the boosted 5% p.a. to 240 days instead if you make the maximum of 1+6 referrals (1 during the pre-campaign period, and 6 during the campaign period). Each successfully referred friend will give you the 5% booster for 30 days.

TLDR: Do this to secure 5% p.a.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the details above, don’t worry; here’s a simplified summary on what you need to do to secure your 5%* p.a. return rewards:

(if you’re a new user)

(if you’re an existing user)

  • Refer 1 friend now before 16 November, so you can score a booster of 5% p.a. rewards for 60 days
  • Refer (up to 6) friends between 17 Nov – 31 Dec 2022 to moomoo, to extend your reward period by 30 days each

And of course, you’d want to recommend your friends and have them benefit too, right? So in this case, do encourage them to:

  • Deposit S$100 and invest into the participating funds on moomoo Cash Plus from 17 November onwards
  • Send them this article to show them how much they can make (minimally $21.23 on $100 to a maximum of $143.28 on $10k)

Investing the same in any fixed deposit / short-term endowment plan / Singapore Savings Bonds / MAS T-bills for now may not give you anything higher than the 5% p.a. during this same period, so go ahead and act now before the slots all get snapped up.

*T&Cs apply.

Final Subscription activation ends on the 05/01/2023. Any subscription into the return rewards campaign after the stipulated date will no longer be eligible to participate in the event.

Disclosure: All views expressed in this article are the independent opinions of SG Budget Babe. Neither moomoo Singapore or its affiliates shall be liable for the content of the information provided.

Information accurate as of 14 November 2022, and is expected to remain accurate until the end of the promotion period. To track any changes, please refer to

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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