How to Write a Winning Banking Job CV

Finding a job with a top banking organization requires hard work and perseverance. The quality of your banking job CV will determine the results of your search for meaningful employment.

Your curriculum vitae should be formulated to highlight your qualities and skills along with your qualifications and working experience if any.

A good starting point is to consider who it will be targeted to, what message to convey and the kind of response it is designed to solicit. This will require you to customize all your banking job resumes to the standards of the institution where you seek employment.

Your curriculum vitae must show that you are an exceptional candidate for the job as compared to other similar job seekers.

Networking is also a common way of finding banking jobs. You should expand your networks whenever you get the chance so you can increase your chances of getting the best jobs through your references.

If you are pursuing a career in banking you should comprehend the duties and responsibilities of your field of work. The banking industry is quite demanding but a committed individual can be able to cope. Some of the jobs you can expect to perform include:

1. Dealing with routine bank transactions

2. Handling of checks and credit cards

3. Processing of loans

4. Marketing and selling financial products

5. Handling client withdrawals and deposits

6. Preparing Travellers checks for clients

7. Dealing with customer queries

Your resume should reflect capability to perform the above tasks plus others effectively. The following points must be present in your curriculum vitae.

Summary of Objectives: The objectives should include career objectives and your leadership qualities relevant to the job. It should portray your ambitions and goals if you should you secure employment with the prospective bank.

Contact Information: The second paragraph should include your daytime contact details. These will include: Full Name, phone number, address and email.

Candidates Career Summary: Here you will highlight your erstwhile professional working experience in the banking sector. You should demonstrate your ability to effectively carry out responsibilities for the prospective bank and its customers. You must clearly indicate your performance level and contributions to your former employer. You should also include your past working experience with other banks, positions held and roles undertaken, leadership roles assigned, professional skills gained, names of the banks you have worked with and similar information.

Academic Qualifications: This part of the resume displays your complete academic profile beginning from Grade School to College Graduation and any other specialized short courses undertaken in between. Your Banking Job CV must also show the name of the Educational Institutions, years of completion and Degrees /Diplomas awarded.

Personal Achievements: Under this sub heading, you can show the accolades, merit certificates and medals awarded to for excellence in relevant fields.

Relevant Skills: Under this sub heading, you should indicate both natural and technical aptitude for computers, banking software, languages and other similar skills required for banking jobs.

A Banking Job resume with the above details highlighted in an eye catching format is most likely to get you an interview and place you well near to getting your dream banking job career.

Source by Efti Babu