How to Travel on a Budget from Chime® Member Andre

Andre: Plan ahead. The earlier, the better. That way, you have more time to travel. Plus, the closer to a trip, the more expensive it will be. You should already be looking at prices months before you plan a trip. If you’re looking at the prices of flights, and it’s cheaper than normal, go ahead and book it. 

When you get paid and your bills are a priority, move $100 or $50 to a savings account for your trip. Let’s say you’re looking at buying a pair of shoes but also want to go on that trip. In that case, leave those shoes there, and put that money toward your trip instead. 

For instance, in planning to travel to Miami, I’ll look at the cost of airfare and accommodation. I put those numbers together to see what will be best for my budget. Then, I figure out what I need to ensure I meet my goal. For example, if I’m going to the gas station to get gas, I don’t need that soda, I don’t need that bag of chips. I’ll pack my lunch. 

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