Grandfather Says: The Continuing Chronicles of Elaine

Original oil painting by: Grandfather’s wife

The following was written by my late wife Elaine. She wrote a long book, a diary really, from which this is one passage:

Recently, 2001, Dave and I had some fun reading one of my old diaries, written when Jerry and Dave overlapped, gradually phasing into when I was seeing Dave only.

Meeting Dave while Christmas caroling, 1950. I continued my friendship with Jerry, and the “overlapping” began when I met David Blakeslee at the Highland Park Baptist Church Young People’s Christmas caroling evening, 1950, and he set out to sweep me off my feet that evening. I was 16. It was planned that we’d all meet at the church, then go in cars to sing Christmas carols outside the homes of certain invalids in our group’s families.

One of our destinations was Dave’s house where we sang for his father who was ill with multiple sclerosis.

We ended the evening at the home of Warren Groh, where we sang carols indoors and had refreshments. While I played the piano for the carol singing, guess who threw a big rubber spider onto the piano keys? Yes, you’re right.

When it was time to go, those who had cars drove the rest of us home. Dave invited me to ride in his car, and I accepted.

I didn’t know Dave; I hadn’t seen him before at any church activities, but I had seen his sister Marilyn and that night I didn’t know he was her brother. Since he drove and Marilyn sat in the middle, and I sat in the passenger seat, I just assumed she was his girlfriend; I didn’t think anything about it, one way or the other. But when we arrived at my house, following my directions since he hadn’t been there before, and I got out, etc., he said, “May I see you tomorrow evening?”

I suddenly caught on that they were not dating, and I said that I would be home, and he could come over.

To be continued…


About the Author: RD Blakeslee is a nonagenarian in West Virginia who built his net worth by only investing in that which can be enjoyed during acquisition and throughout life, as opposed to papers in a drawer, like stocks and bonds. You can read more about him here.

Photos: Courtesy of the Blakeslee Family

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