GetUpside Review 2022: How it Works, Pros, Cons, and More

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GetUpside offers various ways to save money from your purchases, whether from groceries, restaurants, or gas stations. With its variety of offers, this app is truly worth it. To put the icing on the cake, you’ll find that GetUpside offers several ways to withdraw your cashbacks. You can simply link a bank account, send your funds to PayPal, or redeem them for gift cards.


  • User-friendly app
  • Several cashout options
  • Variety of cashback offers
  • Cashing out takes only up to three days


  • Limited stores and restaurants
  • Getting cashback takes up to 10 days

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How Does GetUpside Work?

GetUpside is a US-based cashback service founded in 2016. Through its app, over 30 million users have access to cashback offers, saving money from their purchases. At the same time, GetUpside helps around 45,000 businesses increase market reach. 

There are two ways GetUpside works depending on its target market:

For Consumers

GetUpside allows users like you to check and claim cashback offers in the app. These are offers from stores, restaurants, and even gas stations. 

Then, you’ll need to complete the purchase and pay for items. Back on the app, you can scan the purchase receipt or check in to get your cashback. After GetUpside validates the receipt, it will credit the cashback to your account. 

For Businesses

Suppose you’re a business owner looking to get more people to visit your store, and of course, make a purchase. By becoming its partner store, GetUpside will check its nearby users that are not visiting your store.

Then, it will send them custom offers to entice them to go to your store. These offers are based on the information you provide to GetUpside. This way, you’re fully aware of the costs these offers may incur. 

How Much Cashback You Can Get With GetUpside?

GetUpside offers various cashback deals:

Cashback Potential
Grocery Purchases Up to 30%
Restaurant Purchases Up to 35%
Gas Purchases Up to $0.25 per gallon

Using GetUpside, you can get up to 30% cashback from your grocery purchases. Meanwhile, restaurant partners offer up to 35% cashback. You can also get up to $0.25 per gallon cashback from over 25,000 gas stations in the country. 

Who is GetUpside Best for?

This cashback website is ideal for regular shoppers looking to save money from their everyday purchases. 

Businesses can also benefit from this app. It provides them a platform to attract customers through cashback offers. 

GetUpside Partner Stores

Through GetUpside, you can get cash back on your purchases at 25,000+ gas stations and more than 20,000+ grocery stores and restaurants throughout the US.

Grocery Stores Gas Stations Restaurants
Carlie C’s BO Dunkin Donuts
Streets Market Shell Papa John’s Pizza
GW Valero Popeye’s
Gelson’s Sunoco Qdoba Mexican Eats
Vicente Foods RaceTrac Wendy’s
Cardenas Mobil Burger King
Lunds & Byerlys Marathon
Woodman’s Markets Exxon

GetUpside Features: What Does GetUpside Offer?

GetUpside offers the following features for its app users:

Mobile App

The GetUpside App is a smartphone application downloadable from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This app allows you to check and claim grocery, restaurant, and gas offers near you. 

You’ll also need this app to get cashback by checking in or sending a photo of your purchase. Finally, you can cash out your earnings to PayPal or a bank account using the app. It also features gift cards you can redeem using your cashback funds. 

Gas Offers and Check-in

Check-in is an in-app feature that allows you to redeem cashback without taking a photo of your receipt. This option is available in selected gas stations. 

To use these offers, you’ll need to choose and claim an offer from a store with a blue badge next to its name. 

Once you get in the store to complete your purchase, you’ll need to tap on Check-In in the GetUpside App. Within 20 minutes of checking in, make sure to complete your purchase to get your cashback.

Suppose your selected gas station doesn’t have the check-in feature. In that case, you can still get your cash back by uploading your receipt in the app.

Grocery Offers

These are cashback offers from local partner stores, that you can claim through the app. 

Make sure to claim these offers before getting your purchases. Claiming offers after completing your purchases will not qualify you for cashback. 

Additionally, you’ll need to pay with either a debit or credit card when you fulfill a grocery offer. This allows GetUpside to confirm that the one making the purchase is also the same one who claimed the cashback offer.

Restaurant Offers

The restaurant offers as their name implies, are cashback offers you can redeem at partner restaurants. Checking and claiming these works similarly to checking for grocery offers. You’ll also need to pay your purchases with either a credit or debit card.

The cashback offers apply to your final bill, before taxes and tips. To get this, you’ll need to take a photo of your itemized bill and upload it to the app. Make sure to complete these steps within four hours of accepting the offer.   

Referral Program

GetUpside offers a referral program, which has two components:

  1. First-purchase bonus
  2. Per-gallon earnings

However, GetUpside doesn’t disclose information about how much the first-purchase bonus or per-gallon earnings are. What’s good, you’ll get a bonus every time your referral and their referral buy gas. 

Is GetUpside Free?

Yes, GetUpside is a free app. You won’t have to pay for anything to check and claim cashback offers. 

GetUpside Payout Terms and Options?

You have several options to cash out your funds from the GetUpside app:

  1. Link your bank account – $1 will be deducted from your funds if you’re cashing out less than $10. Bank transfers usually take up to three business days.
  2. PayPal – $1 will be deducted from your funds for cashout below $15. It takes one to two days for funds to reflect on your PayPal balance.
  3. Gift cards – this option has no service fee but you’ll need to have at least $10 in your account. You’ll usually receive those in your email within 24 to 48 hours. 

GetUpside Reviews: Is GetUpside Legit?

GetUpside app is among the safe and legitimate places that give cashback. It has received an impressive 4.8 ratings at the Apple App Store and 4.6 at Google Play Store

Review Website Review Score
Apple App Store 4.8
Google Play Store 4.6

Users liked how the check-in feature made it easy for them to claim cashback. However, other customers also find it easy to send their gas receipts through photos. Finally, users are impressed with the cashout options. 

On the other hand, users didn’t like that some gas stations near them have stopped offering cashback. Some users reported problems with the app, such as not showing the map accurately or glitches during check-in. 

Looking over the customer reviews, the GetUpside support mostly provided answers and addressed complaints.

What Are the GetUpside Pros & Cons?

GetUpside Pros

  • User-friendly app
  • Several cashout options
  • Variety of cashback offers
  • Cashing out takes only up to three days

GetUpside Cons

  • Limited participating stores and restaurants
  • Getting cashback takes up to 10 days

How Good is GetUpside Support?

For how-to questions, GetUpside offers an extensive Help section on its website. You’ll find the articles organized based on topics, so it’s easier to browse. There is also a search field at the top right to quickly look for answers based on keywords.

Suppose your concern is far too complex and none of the articles covers it. In that case, you can contact the support team through a request form. You’ll need to choose a topic that closely describes your issue and provide your email address.

From there, make sure to describe your issue in detail and if possible, attach any supporting files or photos. Once you’re done, click on Submit. GetUpside will get back to you through email. So make sure to check your email inbox and spam folders for their replies. 

GetUpside Review Verdict: Is GetUpside Worth it?

GetUpside offers various ways to save money from your purchases, whether from groceries, restaurants, or gas stations. With its variety of offers, this app is truly worth it. 

To put the icing on the cake, you’ll find that GetUpside offers several ways to withdraw your cashback. You can simply link a bank account, send your funds to PayPal, or redeem them for gift cards. What’s more, the processing time only takes up to three days. 

The faster you get your money back to your pocket, the sooner you can use it on your purchases. This way, you won’t need to use your actual money, and save those instead. 

How to Sign Up With GetUpside?

GetUpside lets you sign up through its website or app. You can use your Google, Facebook, or Apple account to do so. Or, you can use an email and set a password. 

If you sign up through the website, GetUpside will prompt you to download the app on your phone. From there, you can start browsing offers, inviting friends, and earning cash back. 

Sites Like GetUpside

If you’d like to maximize your cashback earnings, here are a few best sites like GetUpside to consider joining:

GetUpside vs. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Summary

  • 18 ways to earn money and e-gift cards
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Up to 10% cashback when shopping online
  • $1 minimum e-gift card withdrawal

Swagbucks is an online shopping reward site. Using its app, you can browse online stores and get cashback offers for your purchases. It’s also one of the apps you should watch out for if you’re looking to make money

Compared to GetUpside, Swagbucks is more focused on incentivizing users for completing small tasks, like answering surveys and watching videos. In this regard, GetUpside is preferable if you’re looking to get more cashback for your purchases.  

GetUpside vs. BeFrugal

BeFrugal Summary

  • Guaranteed to have the highest cashback
  • More than 5000 stores to get cashback
  • Over 5 different ways to get rewards
  • 6 different ways to cash out your earnings

BeFrugal is quite similar to GetUpside when it comes to claiming cashback. After all, both platforms require you to take a photo of your purchase receipts. The difference between the two is GetUpside has gas cashback offers, which BeFrugal doesn’t have.

GetUpside vs. TopCashback

TopCashback Summary

  • Get 100% of all the cash back you earn
  • No minimum threshold to cash out
  • Earn cash back at over 4400 partner stores
  • Earn up to 25% cash back and discounts

When it comes to shopping in stores, TopCashback is among the alternatives to GetUpside. It’s because this app offers cash back you can redeem by linking and paying with your debit or credit card. 

But unlike GetUpside, TopCashback has more cashback offers for online shops than in stores. Considering that, you might find GetUpside preferable.

Other Sites Like GetUpside

GetUpside FAQ

What is GetUpside?

Since its launch, the company has released over $150 million in cashback to its users. It has also helped partner stores earn $300 million.  

How does GetUpside get money?

GetUpside makes money from commissions or referral fees paid by its partner brands. Simply put, these partner brands pay GetUpside whenever a customer purchases their product to get a cashback offer. 

Can you use cash with GetUpside?

No, you can’t use cash with GetUpside. To get cash back, you’ll need to pay with a debit or credit card only.

Does GetUpside work with Google Pay?

Yes, GetUpside works with digital payments, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Shell Drive for Five, and Apple Card. 

Do GetUpside rewards expire?

Yes, GetUpside rewards expire if the account is not active for six consecutive months. 

Can I use a fleet card on GetUpside?

Yes, you can use a fleet card for your purchase along with other promotions.

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