Fix: Twitter 2fa Not Working

If you have problems when you try to use the Twitter app, this is for you. In this post, you will learn how to fix the Twitter 2fa not working.

Fix: Twitter 2fa Not Working

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms of this age. On the platform, users can share texts, pictures and videos as tweets and comment, react and retweet a post.

Using the Twitter platform is free for everyone across the world. It is an excellent platform to connect to audiences for personalities and businesses.

When you have a Twitter account for yourself or your business, you allow people to keep in touch with you and create more awareness for your business.

As a Twitter user, you can keep up to date with other users by following their accounts. You can also engage in a conversation with them by tagging their account in a tweet or sending a direct message to them.

As of late, many users of the Twitter app are experiencing challenges using the app. While Twitter 2fa is not working in some cases, the Twitter mobile app may fail to load.

If you are one of the people getting an error while using the app, you are on the right page.

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Here, we will discuss important issues with Twitter 2fa, including why it is not working and how to fix it.

Why is the Twitter 2fa Not Working?

If you discover that Twitter 2fa is not working for you, many things could have caused it.

In most cases, the app could have technical issues preventing it from loading. Also, it could be that the app server is unreachable.

However, before you conclude on any of this, be sure that you don’t have the network connection for your device disabled. Some devices also switch to ultra power saving mode when they reach a particular battery level allowing them to save power for some inbuilt function. This could be the reason the app is not working.

A quick way to resolve issues with the app is to check for update from the App Store or Google Play Store and install it if an update is available. Also, you may try clearing the app’s cache and data files. Else, you can switch to a different network or Wi-Fi router.

Fix: Twitter 2fa Not Working

How to Fix Twitter 2fa Not Working?

1.      Ensure Two-Factor authentication is enabled

Open Twitter and go to Settings and Privacy. When the Settings page opens, select Security and account access, then Security. Here, choose the Two-factor authentication option and set how you want it to work.

2.      Switch to a different network or Wi-Fi router

You probably need good, active internet if you cannot load Twitter 2fa. The slow mobile network may sometimes prevent the app from responding.

So, find out if you have an active data plan and subscribe to one if you don’t. The provider may face an issue if you have an active data plan and a connectivity issue. Find and connect to a reliable internet service provider.

A better alternative is to connect to a Wi-Fi router if you have been using trying on mobile data. Sometimes, quickly enabling airplane mode on your device and disabling it could fix connectivity issues. This will allow your ISP to generate a new IP address for you in case some websites or apps flagged the previous one or browsing is slow.

3.      Try different applications

If you have an active data plan and the Twitter 2fa is not working, you should try other applications.

For example, try using your mobile browser and open a website that comes to mind, an instant messenger and send a message to a friend, reply to a message sent to you, or use any other application.

If the different tested apps work perfectly, it is not a connectivity issue. It is just the Twitter app misbehaving on its own.

4.      Clear the app cache and data

To fix the Twitter 2fa not working, clear the cache and data. Sometimes, outdated cache files may hinder mobile applications from functioning correctly.

To clear the Twitter app cache and data on Android, go to your Settings app, then App Management. Next, you must find the Twitter App from the list and select it. Once selected, the app info screen is opened with the clear cache and clear data option below the screen. Select the options, one at a time and see if the Twitter 2fa works.

On iPhone, you need to delete and reinstall the Twitter app. Go to the Settings app and switch to the General tab. Locate Twitter from the option and select the delete option. Afterwards, go to App Store and reinstall it.

Please note that you may have to log in to your mobile app again, as your active session will be cleared.

5.      Disable VPN

Sometimes, the VPN service used to protect yourself online could hinder some apps from functioning. If you are on a VPN service, you should disable it. Else, the Twitter 2fa may not work.

6.      Disable ultra power saving mode

If your device is on power-saving mode, ultra-power-saving mode, or battery saver, you should disable the function. Some devices automatically activate this when their battery drops to a specific percentage to ensure enough power is saved for inbuilt tasks on the phone.

However, some third-party apps may not function well with the feature enabled. You may be intrigued that this is why Twitter 2fa is not working.

To fix the issue, try and disable the battery saver or power savings option.

7.      Reinstall the application

When the Twitter 2fa fails to work, you should remove and reinstall it. This automatically clears the app cache while the updated version of the app is installed.

To remove an app on Android and iPhone, start from the Settings app and update directly from the Google Play Store or App Store.

If the Twitter app is affected by a bug, reinstalling it can help fix it.

8.      Update the application

It is essential always to keep your apps updated at all times. This will help you keep updated with new features and access service improvements.

If it has been a while since you updated the Twitter app, you may be missing out on a new version released to fix bugs and glitches introduced to your version.

To fix the Twitter 2fa not working error, update the app to the recent version from the Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iPhone.

9.      Make sure the app is compatible with your device

Sometimes, the installed version of the Twitter app may not be compatible with your device. You may experience this on Android if you download an APK file and install it rather than installing directly from the app store.

To allow the Twitter 2fa to work, confirm that you are using the version for your device. If it is incompatible, you can get the version for your phone or install it directly from your app store.

Also, you may have issues running new apps if you own an old gadget. You should get a device with an updated OS.

10. Restart your phone

A simple restart for your device can solve the problem sometimes. Just restart your device and relaunch the app to use. You may be lucky to get things running perfectly after this.

11. Talk to the Support Team

You should contact support if you have tried all the fixes above and none works. Remember to fill in your name and email and explain your issues. Afterwards, it would be best if you waited for a representative to address your issues and will contact you through the email address.

12. Wait for a while

If the Twitter app issue is caused by a technical error or the server is not responding, you need to wait for the technical team to solve it and roll out another update for bug fixes and performance improvement.

On your end, you can only continue to check for an update on the app store and install it when ready.


We have looked into the factors responsible for the Twitter 2fa issues and possible ways to fix them. Ensure you follow the steps and remember to tell us how it goes in the comment.

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