Dr. Kambiz Kevin Sadraei Helps Patients Build Confidence Through Cosmetic Dentistry

For Dr. Kambiz Kevin Sadraei, the aesthetic impact of cosmetic dentistry is only half of the equation; the internal impact his work makes on his patients is equally vital, if not more so.

An Instantaneous Confidence Boost

While the external results are often the most obvious, the nearly instantaneous confidence boost that Sadraei observes in his patients makes his work worthwhile.

“Dentistry and anything cosmetic is visual. Social media is playing a crucial role for us. Everyone is constantly exposed to these things– lip fillers, Botox, veneers, and all of these cosmetic procedures,” Sadraei says.

“A couple of years ago, they studied what makes someone attractive and concluded that it’s either people’s eyes or their smile,” he continues. “Not a lot can be done to the eyes, but teeth you can do so much to transform.”

Buccal Fat Removal

Many dentists opt not to perform cosmetic procedures, but Sadraei took the opposite route. In addition to offering all of the standard services of a traditional dental practice, Sandraei’s office provides cosmetic dentistry services, including veneers, gummy smile surgery (also called a gingivectomy), and the increasingly popular buccal fat removal surgery.

Plus, as the only known dentist in North America that offers buccal fat removal, Sadraei has performed the procedure over 500 times.

Buccal fat removal surgery creates a more chiseled-looking face, hollowing out the cheeks, and making the cheekbones more pronounced. The procedure is performed by going through the inside of the mouth where the upper second molars are, and Sadraei makes a small incision through which he removes some of the fat. He takes more or less, depending on the desired outcome.

Local Anesthetic Instead of General Anesthesia

While buccal fat removal takes about forty minutes from start to finish, the results are long-lasting. Sadraei performs the procedure after administering a local anesthetic, a sharp contrast from plastic surgeons, who typically place patients under general anesthesia.

“A lot of people are worried about going under anesthesia,” Sadraei says. “Everyone fears, ‘Oh, what if I don’t wake up?’”

This dentist has found a way to circumvent these common trepidations, offering a solution to those who may otherwise be deterred from undergoing the procedure. The opportunity for these clients to reap the same benefits as those who seek the services of plastic surgeons is huge and often transformative.

A Surge in Confidence

“Afterwards, I see many people feel more confident,” Sadraei says. “I see the posts [on Instagram]. They start posting more from their faces than before they weren’t.”

He has experienced the same surge in confidence with patients who have gotten veneers. The inside and out transformations are often so massive that they stay with him long after his patients have recovered. When he pauses for a moment, one of his recent patients immediately comes to mind.

“I fixed her teeth, and now she’s a different person. A completely different person. She wears more makeup now. She’s more bubbly. She went from missing teeth to a perfect smile in two weeks. She looks amazing. She looks younger now. It shaves years off for you.”

Affordable Prices in a Safe Enviornment

It’s not only his expertise that sets Dr. Kambiz Kevin Sadraei apart from other dentists and surgeons. It’s the way he runs his business. Cosmetic procedures are known for being expensive and, for many people, entirely cost prohibitive.

Sadraei recognizes that if procedures are too costly, fewer patients can experience the confidence-boosting results that accompany buccal fat removal, veneers, and other cosmetic dental procedures.

Perhaps even more importantly, he is all too aware that if people cannot get these procedures at a more affordable price in a safe and reputable environment, they may seek alternative routes, going so far as to seek cheaper treatments in other countries.

“A lot of people think cheaper is better,” Sadraei explains.

However, many of these patients ultimately end up in Sadraei’s chair anyway, after receiving poor and often detrimental results. “They all say, ‘I wish I’d never gone there and come to you, to begin with.’ I hear horror stories.”

Sadraei comes to his patients’ rescue just as swiftly as the poor dentistry was performed. “Depending on (how) the situation’s bad, I tell them the solution, and we get on it right away.” Regardless of the circumstances that led his patients to him, he hopes each patient leaves his office more confident than when they arrived.

A Natural Look

For those considering exploring the world of cosmetic dentistry, Sadraei offers up his preferred approach.

“Natural is the way to go, no matter what procedure you do,” he says.

“I like the more natural look, whether it’s teeth or buccal fat, but people are doing this for personal reasons, so I can only give them my opinion. The rest of it… is up to them.”

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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