Creative Costume Ideas To Make On A Budget

You may have seen the videos online of the dancing stick figures. These videos are making a hit online and are being shared across all types of social media platforms. The great news for you is these costumes are extremely easy and affordable to make. You can easily transform yourself into a sole stick figure, or you can transform your entire family into a group of adorable stick figures. Either way, you’ll find that these costumes are fantastically affordable and can be made quickly in an afternoon.

Supplies needed:

• A black sweat suit

• A sewing needle

• Thread

• A tube of glow stick necklaces

• A black beanie


You can purchase a tube of glow stick necklaces online for a very reasonable amount of money. It shouldn’t cost you more than $20 to purchase everything you need to make one of these costumes.

You want to start by laying out your sweat suit with the front facing up. Take the tube of glow stick necklaces and make sure you have a handful of some that are the same color. This can be a bit difficult to do since you don’t want to break them open and activate them yet. So, you’ll need to look at each one closely to make sure it’s the color you need.

Lay the glow sticks out on the sweat suit and use the little connectors that come with them to connect them so you have three separate pieces. You want to have one somewhat short piece for the body, one long unit that goes from one wrist to the other wrist, and another long unit that will go from one ankle up to the center of your sweat pants and back down to the other ankle. You will take two of the glow sticks and create a circle with the connectors to make a face.

Run the thread through the eye of the needle. Lay the sticks out along the sweat suit and sew little loops through the sweats and around the glow sticks to secure them in place. You want to make sure you pull the thread tight to make sure the sticks are going to stay securely in place when you are wearing the costume and walking around. Take the beanie and sew the top part of the round face you made to the beanie so the circle falls down around your real face.

You can get real creative and make all sorts of add-on items for your costume. You can make a hat, a cane, big sunglasses, or anything else that you feel would make a good addition to the overall look of your costume. You should keep in mind that your costume is going to look fantastic when you are in the dark. However, it won’t have that same effect if you are going to be somewhere where you are in the light.

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