ALPX token’s ICO sale is live. You don’t want to miss it


Alphahuntsman is a promising project. It offers enterprises financial analytics from the macroeconomic perspective. The team claims that its platform is one of a kind. It offers unique services to Defi users. This platform developed a standardized solution that allows both tracking and benchmarking against rivals. For example, it will calculate how a specific report could influence the price of a customer’s assets.

The company launched its native utility token ALPX on September 26, 2022. The sale will end on October 26, 2022. ALPX token is very trending. It has a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms. The Alphahuntsman team decided to launch its project in smaller European countries at first. It will provide macroeconomic coverage. The company pointed out that the lack of structured analytical frameworks in some of those countries will make it easier to establish themselves. In addition, the lack of investable assets means that there is a whole set of unexplored opportunities, and Alphahuntsman aims to offer the best of them to its users.

The team plans to develop in two directions. It will encourage leadership through macroeconomic content, as well as market its products. And the platform will maintain analytics pricing at a low level (compared to other companies). The team has already created an alpha version of the analytics engine. The latter will track the daily developments across various markets worldwide.


What does the ALPX token offer? 

ALPX has many advantages. The company noted that it would become deflationary over time. Besides, the token is directly linked to the performance of Alphahuntsman’s framework. This project is trying to unite the B2B sector and web3. ALPX will be the main utility token of the platform. So, customers will have to use it if they want to get Alphahuntsman’s services.

However, the platform will offer internal conversions if clients want to use fiat currencies. Alphahuntsman is based on blockchain technology. That means it employs a high level of security. Besides, the team aims to improve transparency in pricing mechanics. The company will ensure that each analytics provider delivers the best possible insights.

​Alphahuntsman has built a proof-of-concept model. However, it needed an initial seed to launch the project. The company decided to raise funds in two stages. It also plans to burn 2.5% of tokens from each transaction selling analytics. After that, the team will use at least 25% of its net profit to burn tokens. That will bring profit to the token holders and the company’s shareholders as well.  


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How will Alphahuntsman distribute its tokens? 

According to the company, it will decide how to distribute the ALPX after the private sale ends. The team wants to offset early adaptation risks. Thus, it offers investors its private sale tokens with a varying discount on the listing price.

Moreover, the company announced that the rate of the discount would decrease as the sold tokens’ amount increased. For example, the earliest buyers will receive up to a 60% discount on the listing price. But a month after the listing, the platform will distribute only 25% of the initial amount. The team wants to offer the remaining tokens to investors over nine months afterward. But the latter buyers won’t get as much discount as the first token holders.

The total supply of ALPX tokens is 1 billion. The company allocated 8% of it to private sales. 2% is set will go to reserves, while the team sets aside 5% for initial swap and public sale shares. The team and advisory pool will get 15%. The vesting will start only in the expansion phase, though.

Alphahuntsman is relatively new on the market. However, it has a professional team with lots of experience in finances and blockchain technology. The company has already introduced its well-developed roadmap, which offers detailed plans for the project’s development. In addition, the ALPX token is trading for a great price right now, and it will likely bring its holders significant profits in the future. Overall, this platform has strong potential.  

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