9 Recession-Proof Career Fields to Consider

In education, it’s rare for teachers and support staff to be laid off even when the economy is in poor shape. In fact, public schools are often viewed as essential during a recession, as reduced-price meals help families manage unemployment and underemployment, and school hours let parents work or search for work. In addition, private schools generally also fare well, as families that can afford private education typically have the resources to make it through recessions.

IT Workers

Our society is largely run on computers, both for private and government work. As a result, IT workers typically don’t face the same recession-related layoffs common in other fields. This is especially true among those who work with hardware, as networking equipment and computer systems still need to be maintained even in a deep recession. There may still be a risk of layoffs for those who work in programming, but they fare reasonably well.

Auto Mechanics

People tend to drive a bit less when there’s an extended recession, but these effects are generally fairly minor from the perspective of the automotive maintenance and repair field. Recessions often see people choose to keep driving their older vehicles instead of purchasing new ones, which means they’ll need more repairs. Many people need a car to perform day-to-day activities and work, and they prioritize automobile care over other expenses.

Law Enforcement

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