$2k Giveaway! Celebrating 1 year!

Get out the confetti cause we are celebrating over here!

Simple Money, Rich Life is a year old!

The last year has been so amazing with what God has done through this little book in our community (and beyond)!

Linda and I are so thankful for your stories you have shared and could not be more excited by what God is doing…

Stories like Dusty’s…

“God’s shovel is always bigger” – did I write that? Either way, amen!! LOL 🙂

At the end of last year we did a $1k giveaway and as promised, it’s time to step things up and do a $2k giveaway for all our friends in the SeedTime community (like you!)

To celebrate the 1st birthday of our baby book – and really, just have some fun exercising our giving muscle – we are sending someone in the SeedTime community a $2k Amazon gift card!

If you want a chance to win, there are 2 simple ways to enter.

IMPORTANT: You can do EITHER of the options below to be entered to win OR you can do BOTH for more entries!

1. Buy a copy of our book Simple Money, Rich Life as a gift for someone.

Or buy a copy for yourself. Doesn’t matter.

You will get 1 entry for every book that you buy between now and June 15th.

Additionally, we are now selling the book (& shipping to U.S. only) from our site here in discounted packages of 1, 4, and 24 copies.

Note: if you buy the book(s) from our site, you will automatically be entered to win. But if you buy the book from Amazon or other retailers you need to forward the receipt or screenshot of the order page to [email protected].

2. Share what you love about Simple Money, Rich Life

If you already own the book, just share what you thought about it and how it impacted you!

So this could be on social media in any format you choose:

  • An instagram or Facebook story or feed post
  • A Youtube review
  • A Tweet about it
  • A post on Linkedin
  • An Amazon review
  • A blog post review
  • Or anything else you come up with

The point is just share publicly what you thought about the book and we will enter you.

Feel free to tag us (@seedtime) and use #simplemoneyrichlife as well.

But to make sure we get you entered, do us a favor and send us a link or take a screenshot of what you shared and email it to [email protected].

We want to make sure EVERY entry gets counted!

If you are fairly new around here, let me get you up to speed. Last year we released our book Simple Money, Rich Life which became an Amazon best-seller, has over 300 5-star reviews on Amazon, and was named the 2022 Book of the Year by ICFH.

But, far more important has been seeing how God is changing lives with this book!

Essentially the book is the operating manual Linda and I followed to give $1 mil by age 40 (while paying off over $400k in debt). We share all the mindsets, our best tactics and strategies, inspirational stories, Biblical wisdom, and some laughs.

All without a hint of money-guilt or shame.

This is just a small sample of what we cover in Simple Money, Rich Life

  • How to create a money system to spend less time and get better results
  • The one-category budget: get 80% of the results with 20% of the work
  • How to earn significantly more (without getting a side hustle)
  • How to automate your way to financial success in less than 10 minutes
  • The secrets of a six-figure giver
  • How to save $100s each month while still buying what you love
  • And much more!

As always, thanks for being part of this wonderful community!

Know that Linda and I are praying for you and appreciate you more than you know!!

Your friend and coach,

Bob Lotich

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