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10 Super Cute Free Printable Chore Charts For Kids of All Ages (in PDF format)

Incorporating household chores for your young children is a great way to foster a solid work ethic, a sense of responsibility and help contribute to the overall care of the house alongside their other family members.

But knowing daily chores are important and implementing them can be a challenge, especially in a hectic family household. One way that you can organize the daily tasks you want your kids to accomplish is with a family chore chart.

Depending on the goals for your kids and the type of work that needs to be done, chores can be broken down into daily, weekly, or monthly chores. Here you’ll find a collection of free printable chore chart templates (in PDF format) for younger and older children with various options.

Starting Your Chore Chart

First things first. 

Write down a list of all the chores that need to be done. 

Break them down into monthly chores, weekly chores, and daily chores. 

This to-do list shouldn’t be too overwhelming, and it needs to be filled with age-appropriate chores. If you give a child a chore that is too difficult, they will feel defeated before they’ve even begun. 

Brainstorm a list of chore chart ideas. Get your kids involved and ask them for their input too. 

Use a visual board

Create a board that you can stick up in a central place where everyone can see it. 

It is your choice if you want to use a whiteboard and dry-erase markers, or draw up a calendar-style chart and use post-its. Use a chalkboard or a magnetic board. You can also use bright colors for everyone’s name. Stick these names into the allocated chore on the various weekdays. Do whatever works for you. 

Mix it up a bit

Try something different. 

Instead of the same chart every week, try something different.

Write all the chores on chore sticks and put them into a jar. If there is a large job that requires two people, then place two chore sticks in the jar for that one job. Let each family member take a turn pulling out a stick to find out what chore they will be doing on that day.

Have a Reward System

Set up a reward chart, relevant to the chore that is being done. Do you want to use stickers? Small kids love having a choice of stickers to stick next to their names.

For older children, you could work off a point or a monetary system. Different levels of difficulty mean more money or more points.

Perhaps your children have a goal in mind – once they reach 50 points, they can go to the movies or miniature golf with a friend. If they reach 100 points, they can get that new game!

10 Chore Chart Ideas Created by Other Chore Chart Moms

The 10 moms below all have developed their own systems of getting their kids to work together and get their chores done. There is a selection of free printables and daily chore charts with simple tasks for younger kids all the way up to teens in the sites listed below. 

Some moms have listed specific tasks with monetary values assigned to them, which is helpful in teaching children the value of money and as well as good money management skills.

Some parents create a rewards chart to go hand-in-hand with their chore chart.

Again, you do whatever works for you.

Kids Cleaning Checklist

This kids cleaning checklist from Cut the Grime isn’t just adorable, but it’s also an easy-to-follow printable weekly chore chart organized by the rooms in your house. This cleaning checklist makes it easy to divvy up household duties.

Free Printable Reward Chart for Kids

Reward charts are a way to encourage and reward positive behavior. This is the perfect solution for cultivating and cementing good habits– like doing daily chores! Younger children, in particular, enjoy reward charts.

Lil Tigers has twelve different designs of reward charts. You are bound to find something that your child will love!

Free Printable Chore Chart Fortune Tellers

Charlene is a teacher by trade and a mom of 7, and she knows that creativity and uniqueness are often needed to keep kids interested in the ‘same-old, same-old’. 

She has created this free printable, super fun, fortune teller chore chart which kids find fun! And that’s how we want them to see their chores, as fun!

After a few rounds of finger manipulation, counting numbers, and a bit of math, their chore will be revealed to them! In addition, she has also created a blank one for you to add your own chores to.

She even created a blank option so that you can customize the perfect options for your family.

List of Kids Chores by Age + Free Printable Kids Chore Chart

Look no further if you are looking for a list of age-appropriate chores to go along with a great chore chart! Saving Talents does an excellent job breaking down and creating a list of chores that will work for the kids in your family.

The chore chart she created is a monthly calendar view with a spot for chores that need to be done on a daily and weekly basis.

DIY Magnetic Chore Chart + Customizable Chore Chart Template

If you are looking for a more customizable option, Hello Sensible’s DIY Magnetic Chore Chart is a great choice. Not only can you create your own chore chart, but it’s set up with a “to-do” and a “complete tasks” section to track progress.

Printable Chore Chart List for Kids

The kids chore chart templates from Cupcakes and Cutlery is a unique take on a chore system.

There are specific tasks on the list, basic chores and the like, but instead of checking anything off she offers a reward system using sticks of gum. “Give Extra, Get Extra!” I thought this was a super cute idea, especially for older kids. It’s a great way to work on independence and responsibility.

Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids

Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids from Maple Planners is perfect for teaching kids responsibility as well as and how to clean up after themseves.

These printable charts add some much-needed structure and help keep everyone in the family on track.

There are two versions of this chore chart; one includes a rewards section at the end, but both versions allow you to write down the chores for each day of the week.

The chore charts are instant download!

Ocean & Beach Themed Free Printable Chore Charts

These Ocean & Beach Themed Free Printable Chore Charts from Frugal Momeh are so cute, don’t you think?

They are a great way to encourage your children to track and complete chores all year long! I love that these are customizable– it’s a blank chore chart. You can change up the different tasks on a daily basis based on the age of your child. It also includes an area to list a reward that they may be working toward!

Elizabeth created them to help other families with younger kids use a simple chore chart that is easy for kids to understand. It is the perfect way for your young child to track their chores.  


This free printable blank chore chart from WhatMommyDoes is great for tracking weekly chores for one or more kids. It is the perfect way to help everyone see what needs to be done at a glance.


Healthy, Happy, Impactful brings us eleven printable chore chart templates! Not only are they adorable, but there is certainly something here for kids of all ages! Grab what works for you and get started!

In Conclusion

If you are a mom of young children looking for some great free chore charts, there are tons of options to choose something that will work just right for your family, whether it’s a daily chore chart or a weekly chore chart.

The printables can be completed for kids of all ages, including teens, and can help kids get into a daily routine. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home before lessons or after returning home from school. 

As your kids develop, you can move them from basic chores to more difficult tasks, and even though it might feel tough at first, they can experience a real sense of accomplishment once they conquer these new jobs.

Life skills are learned at home., but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Making it fun and engaging can go along way into paving the way for solid work ethic and good home habits.

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